Be the best in whatever you do...

It’s a matter of pride to share with you that the students of Tripada Gurukulam are growing up as balanced individuals and responsible citizens! We all at the Gurukulam put in our best efforts to focus all educational activities towards this goal. It’s an accepted fact that children are the most valuable asset of the nation and we as educators are privileged to be entrusted with the responsibility of their education. Tripada Gurukulam takes the responsibility of education quite seriously. Along with the parents’ strong support; we hope to shape the children into future leaders in various fields, essentially with a global mindset.

Gurukulam is a place wherein Goddess of Learning resides. Students, here get numerous opportunities to learn under qualified & experienced teachers. Varied resources like Audio Video Room, Science Lab, Library & Reading room, Well Equipped computer lab, etc. are made available to aid the teaching learning process. As far as imparting knowledge is concerned, we at the Gurukulam, will not leave a single stone unturned. We put our heads, hearts and hands in every educational initiative that leads the students to the path of knowledge gaining. Co-scholastic activities like Life Skills, Skating, Karate, Swimming, Horse Riding and other Sports are encouraged as they play an important role in shaping the students’ holistic personality. Facilities like Hygienic canteen, Safe Drinking Water, Health Checkup, Student Accident Insurance, Transportation, etc. are provided at the Gurukulam to ensure that the students are comfortable and the environment is cordial and welcoming all the time.

The world is now opening up to a plethora of ideas. Each one of us has a place at the top provided we are ready to persevere. So, I urge our students to take every challenge, as an opportunity to learn and explore. Learning can happen anywhere. Our endeavor at Gurukulam, is to motivate our students to grab every opportunity that comes their way to learn and grow. My gratitude to the parents for putting their trust in us and my message to the students is ‘Be the best in whatever you do!’

Mr.Parvez Bahelim

Coordinator | Tripada Gurukulam English School|